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Homeowners cautioned against using uncertified electrical contractors

Through Jonisayi Maromo Jul 26, 2021

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Pretoria – The Free State Department of Employment and Labor has warned residents to beware of imposters posing as electricians and doing shoddy work they are unlicensed to do.

The warning came after the ministry opened criminal proceedings against a person who was in possession of a fraudulent registration certificate as an electrical contractor.

“The matter came to the attention of ministry occupational health and safety inspectors when a homeowner complained about an inferior electrical installation being made by the accused in his new home. The alleged impostor also issued a certificate of conformity for the electrical installation to confirm that the installation is safe and conforms to the standard, even if it was not, ”said the spokeswoman for the province. , Cebisa Siyobi.

After the owner’s complaint, the ministry began an investigation into the allegations and discovered that the accused had a fraudulent electrical contractor’s registration certificate and a die license.

“Only the Ministry of Employment and Labor is mandated to issue a letter of registration to a competent electrical contractor in accordance with rule 6 of the Electrical Installation Regulations 2009.

“Regulation 6 provides that” (1) No one may perform electrical installation work as an electrical contractor unless that person has been registered as an electrical contractor under these regulations ” , Siyobi said.

The accused never received a registration letter from the ministry.

“Owners of homes, buildings and businesses are therefore urged to ensure that they only appoint competent and legally registered electrical contractors to work on their electrical installations, as this will ensure the safety of the occupants of said structures,” Siyobi said.

“Obtaining the services of an uncertified electrician is therefore putting the lives of many people at risk, as dangerous electrical installations or wiring that does not meet applicable standards can cause electric shocks or fires. “

To verify the authenticity of any registration letter from an electrical contractor or to file an electrical complaint, members of the public may contact the Department of Employment and Labor.


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