Electric wiring

Electric wiring

An electrical short-circuit causes a house fire on Wednesday | News, Sports, Jobs

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The Fort Dodge Fire Department responded to a house fire at 2058 Third Ave. N. Wednesday morning. A neighbor noticed smoke and called 911 shortly before 9 a.m. No injuries were reported.

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The Fort Dodge Fire Department responded to a house fire at 2058 Third Ave. N. shortly before 9 am Wednesday morning. The owner and her pet were able to escape safely.

A short in the wiring in the attic of a Fort Dodge home sparked a fire Wednesday morning, according to the Fort Dodge Fire Department.

Firefighters were called to 2058 Third Ave. N. shortly before 9:00 am Wednesday after a neighbor noticed smoke billowing from the roof of the house and called 911. The neighbor also informed the occupant of the house, Mary Gunderson, who was able to call 911. ’emerge unscathed, with his pet.

According to a press release from the department, fire crews immediately began an aggressive fire attack indoors, opening up areas of the ceiling and finding a fire in the living room, kitchen and attics. They were able to quickly contain the fire in the attic.

The house suffered damage from the attic fire and smoke throughout. The Red Cross helps displaced owners.

The FDFD was assisted on site by Fort Dodge Police and MidAmerican Energy.

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Electric wiring

Watch Schneider Electric Wiring Accessories Webinar

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  • Changing environment – a look at the environment we face and how in recent years the industry, market and products have changed
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  • Convenience – how products can be best suited for different applications
  • Staying connected – how can we best start to build connectivity into some of these offerings.

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Electric wiring

Jade Business Park welcomes Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems – Durham Magazine

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems Europe (SEWS-E) is expanding and relocating its workforce from its base at Rainton Bridge, Houghton-le-Spring to a new site at Jade Business Park, near Seaham.

Jade Business Park is a 55 acre employment site off the A19 near Dalton Park and is expected to provide over 1 million square feet of new employment space and over 2,500 jobs.

The park is owned by Durham County Council, managed by Business Durham, the council’s economic development arm and developed by Highbridge Properties PLC.

SEWS-E produces and distributes automotive wiring harnesses, fuse boxes, connectors and cables throughout Europe. With a turnover of over 700 million euros and more than 20,000 employees in Europe, it is part of the Sumitomo family of companies founded in Japan over 400 years ago and present today in 65 country.

The company’s unit is part of the first phase of the Jade Business Park, which will be completed this summer, offering a total of seven new industrial units, equivalent to 155,000 square feet of new space for distribution, technology and advanced manufacturing.

Mike Hall, DC Manager at SEWS-E, said: “We are excited to move into our new location at Jade Business Park in Durham.

“The location and the offer of the site suit us perfectly. It is only 10 kilometers from our old facility that we passed, close to the highway and our main customers.

“Our new building is purpose-built, which allows us to grow and accommodate a number of exciting new projects underway. “

Sarah Slaven, Interim Managing Director of Business Durham, said: “It is a very exciting year for Jade Business Park as we welcome our first tenant SEWS-E, bringing new jobs and economic growth to the region.

“The park is a prime location for businesses wishing to establish themselves in Durham or for their relocation and expansion, thanks to its high quality industrial units and excellent transport links.

“As the economy enters the recovery phase, we continue to help businesses grow and create jobs and look forward to welcoming more businesses into this prominent development in the near future. “

Cllr Simon Henig, Head of Durham County Council, said: “It is more important than ever to support businesses and create new employment opportunities, which is why I am delighted that Jade Business Park has hosted its first tenant. This is an important step in a project that will create a significant number of jobs in County Durham and boost our economy by tens of millions of pounds.

“I am sure Sumitomo will be the first of many companies to make Jade Business Park their home and I would like to wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.”

Guy Marsden, Director of Highbridge Properties PLC, said: “We are delighted to be working alongside Durham County Council to provide this tremendous opportunity for Jade for the region. Its strength was demonstrated by the pre-lease of 50,000 square feet to Sumitomo during the first phase. Despite the COVID pandemic, there is great interest in the program and other developments at the 55-acre site. “

Jade Business Park was built on the old coal mines and coking plants. It is located in a designated corporate area, with a fare benefit of up to £ 275,000 for occupants.

The development of the new industrial units was made possible by a £ 14million investment from County Durham Council.

Additional support for road and infrastructure works came from the North East Local Business Partnership (LEP North East) and the Highways Agency. It will finance a work program to increase the capacity of the A19 / A182 junctions serving the business park, which will allow future growth.

LEP Nord-Est funding comes from the government’s Local Growth Fund, which supports major investments to promote innovation, economic and skills infrastructure, and sustainable transportation under the Northeast Growth Accord. East.

Helen Golightly, Managing Director of North East LEP, said: “It is really encouraging that SEWS-E has chosen Jade Business Park for its expansion. Being located directly next to the A19 is an attractive proposition, and we look forward to welcoming more high value-added manufacturing companies to the site who can take advantage of its corporate zone status and excellent transport links. transport.

For more information on Jade Business Park visit

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Electric wiring

Kolkata fire chief warns of old electrical wiring in commercial spaces | Calcutta News

KOLKATA: Old and dilapidated electrical wiring in markets and shopping areas in northern and central Kolkata is the biggest threat to fire safety, Chief Fire and Emergency Services Jag Mohan said on Friday , when interacting with members of the business community.
He urged those with business interests in north and central Kolkata to come together and find a solution to the problem and reduce the risk of fire damage.
“This is the most important thing I want to tell you today. Please do something about electrical wiring which is over 75 years old in many areas. It is the greatest fire safety threat in northern and central Kolkata. Most of you are doing well in business. Please spend a little to protect your business, ”Jag Mohan said when interacting with businessmen from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Merchants. “Anytime I get a fire call from anywhere in north or central Kolkata, I start to shake. So many fires have happened just because of old wiring, ”he said.
The fire chief said the fire department was in modernization and expansion mode. “Very soon, people will be able to submit their construction plans online. We are also setting up more and more fire stations to reduce our reaction time and reach the scene of the fire without wasting time. We are also acquiring modern devices and gadgets which will ensure that the fire is extinguished without wasting time and that destruction is minimized, ”he said.
“It is important that stakeholders come together to share ideas and also take responsibility for securing their environment. We must cooperate with the fire brigade and the state government so that we can conduct our business without fear of fire, ”said Vishal Jhajharia, President of MCCI.

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Electric wiring

BMC removes plantations hindering electrical wiring

Bhopal: Another incident related to myopia and unplanned development of Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) has arisen resulting in waste of taxpayer money. BMC will remove all bottle palm plants from the central orchard as they interfere with the electrical wiring.

Admitting its callous approach, the BMC administration admitted that it could have planted other plant truths during the beatifications of Link Road no-1 without much thought. The route was developed as a model route in the state capital.

BMC Deputy Commissioner Bhagwandas Bhumarkar, who runs the horticultural cell, said: “BMC will remove these trees if they have reached their natural age from the central shoulder. Wrongly, such bottle palms could have been planted in the central shoulder. Obviously, such plants interfere with the power supply because of their height.

If there is a possibility of pruning, we will do it so that there is no hindrance to the wiring. In the near future, we will take care of it. Bottle palms cannot be pruned as they will lose their beauty. Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) horticultural cell pruns the plants just to avoid obstacles and gives uniform shapes to enhance the beauty of the plants in the central border.

The same goes for other localities where series of bottle palms have been planted to beautify the roads and the locality. Experts say this is an example of BMC’s blatant disregard for accountability while spending taxpayer dollars. They argue that it is common sense that such plants are planted in parks and not in the middle of roads.

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Posted on: Thursday February 14th, 2019 8:02 AM IST

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Electric wiring

Why is there soy in my electrical wiring?

I’ve heard that some recent cars have engine wiring that contains soybeans, of all things. And the wires are eaten by the squirrels so the car won’t start. A truth to that and, if so, which cars? – Gilles

The push to go “green” has touched all industries and your family vehicle complies with construction procedures and environmentally friendly products.

The shift to plant-based soybeans was developed and implemented primarily to reduce dependence on petroleum. Called bioplastics, most manufacturers have steadily increased their use in vehicles built since 2008.

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The potential for damage to a vehicle’s wiring harness has always been an issue, as the heat from a newly parked vehicle will attract rodents. But since soy-based cable insulation was put into use, the average motorist’s car is now a little tastier.

As soon as the protective covers of your wire harness are eaten away, the metal wiring will be exposed and the possibility of electrical problems increases dramatically.

While there’s no way to completely protect your vehicle from critters, there is rodent-resistant electrical tape, available from Honda, to wrap around existing wiring.

Plus, you always have a variety of pest control products at your hardware store to deter animals from settling in your vehicle’s general parking area.

The use of these products is however random, so unfortunately these repair occurrences are generally on the increase. Check with your insurance company for coverage before authorizing subsequent repairs.

Lou Trottier is the owner and operator of All About Imports in Mississauga. A question about maintenance and repair? E-mail, by placing “Lou’s Garage” in the subject line.

Looking for a new car? Discover the new Globe Drive Construction and Price Tool to see the latest discounts, rebates and rates on new cars, trucks and SUVs. Click here to get your price.

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Petrina Gentile takes the wheel of BMW’s premium sedan with level two self-driving characteristics.

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Electric wiring

Check electrical wiring in homes, urges Eskom

Through African News Agency October 2, 2016

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Johannesburg – Eskom urged households to make sure the electrical wiring in their homes is up to standard and safe.

“One of Eskom’s top priorities is educating the public about the dangers associated with the dangerous use of electricity,” the parastatal company said in a statement on Sunday.

“By always shining the spotlight on these incidents and warning the public, we aim to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities in support of our ‘zero harm’ policy. Every year innocent lives are lost and people seriously injured due to the dangerous use of electricity. Poor quality wiring is one of the main contributors to these electrical incidents, ”he said.

Poor quality wiring meant poor quality wiring, which made it dangerous to people and animals around it, especially if it was within easy reach. In many cases, the insulation – the material that kept people from coming into contact with electricity – was not done at all or poorly made using the wrong materials such as masking tape, which did not not insulating properly and quickly became brittle. If a person or animal touched electrical wiring or exposed wiring, it could suffer serious injury or even death, Eskom said.

Poor quality insulation could also cause the wires running along metal roofs to light up so that the entire roof, or the wires holding the roof, or even the entire structure of the house, come alive and therefore pose a threat. injury or death to anyone who comes in contact with the living structure.

Electrical wires can also become very dangerous when they pass through doors and windows. The wires or cables would be damaged and expose anyone who touched the window or door to an electric shock that could kill them. It was also important that all three wires – live, neutral and earth – were used at all times.

“Eskom would like to remind all South Africans that although electricity is an essential part of life, it can be dangerous if not used properly. It is always advisable to use a qualified electrician to make any electrical connections or repairs. Only Eskom authorized employees and subcontractors are allowed to work on all Eskom structures, ”he said.

African News Agency (ANA)

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Electric wiring

Underground electrical wiring replaces the overhead network


The Lahore Walled City Authority (WCLA) removed electrical wires and overhanging pylons from Delhi Gate to Kotwali Chowk on the Royal Trail. An underground electricity network has been set up there.

The district includes 54 streets, 655 houses and 157 stores. Work is also underway to preserve the facades of old houses and remove encroachments.

Talk to L’Express TribuneWCLA General Manager Kamran Lashari said removing electrical wires was an important part of the Shahi Guzargah Project.

“Overhead cables were an eyesore and a danger to people. We have set up an underground power supply system for this part of the walled city, giving the place a new face. We hope to extend it to other areas of the walled city, ”he said.

He said the WCLA had so far removed 20 transformers, 97 utility poles, 175 meters of low-voltage wire and 120 meters of high-voltage wire.

Shahid Durrani, director of infrastructure and engineering at WCLA, said they had installed new electricity meters in homes on the Royal Trail. “Removing the posts was a laborious process as it involved three sub-divisions,” he said.

Asim Sajjad, senior electrical engineer at WCLA, said they performed extensive testing to ensure they can meet LESCO standards.

“We wanted to make sure that residents would not experience any issues once the new system is up and running,” he said.

Muhammad Nadeem, a local resident, said the removal of the sons had been “a blessing” for them. “Overhead cables have gathered near many balconies and windows. These caused blackouts, especially during rain or thunderstorms, ”he said.

Fifty-seven stores outside Shahi Hamam and 72 stores next to Wazir Khan Mosque have also been permanently removed. By the end of 2015, the Shahi Guzargah of Kotwali Chowk at Masti Gate will be restored.

The cost of the renovation project is 1.35 billion rupees, of which 724 million rupees has been allocated for the urban rehabilitation and infrastructure improvement program.

Posted in The Express Tribune, May 4e, 2015.

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